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can you speak chinese?o(□)o..

Can you speak chinese? Your chinese is good.

do you speak Chinese?一般的.提要求可以说 can you could you

英语:do you speak chinese ?


你会说汉语吗,这句话英文翻译为:Can you speak Chinese

你会中文吗?can you speak chinese?注:speak 英 [spi:k] 美 [spik] .vt. 讲,谈; 演说; 从某种观点来说; [例句]he tried to speak, but for once, his voice had left him.他想说话,却一时语塞.

They do speak Chinese

1.真不好意思,我的英语不好.sorry,I am not good at English.2.这个问题我帮不了你.I can't help you with this problem.3.请问,你会说汉语吗?Excuse me,can you speak Chinese?4.我听不懂你说的话.I can't understa

I'm sorry to tell you that I'm a Janpanese learner. I'm not good at English. Do you speak Chinese or Janpanese?

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