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How could I not be so .

Love does not always have this need to their own personal attitudes and feelings start to look at options. Some others, as long as true love, the other in her heart, as long as the heart can be eternal, mainly to see how you tr...

when you've gone,I live heartless and heart is empty,how could I not miss you!

烦恼不译吗,喂! 非愁乎?何不为愁耶?“此非愁耶?”

It is happy to live simply.

暗恋何尝不是一种幸福呢 Secret love is not a kind of happiness

出自《魏书·本纪·卷六十》 翻译:思伯说:“一个人失败的原因之一就是骄傲,我哪里会这样啊?”后来这件事成为了一大美谈。

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