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How could I not be so .

isnt it so? 哈?不单纯直译...那有没有什么语境啊其它的描述之类的...就"何尝不是如此呢?"很...泛...吧... 恩...那翻译成, "wouldn'd it be like this?" 有比较好些吗?

Love does not always have this need to their own personal attitudes and feelings start to look at options. Some others, as long as true love, the other in her heart, as long as the heart can be eternal, mainly to see how you tr...

~Would not I miss you?You occupied all my heart and you are my biggest motivation and happiness

isn't it true to adults?

Cultural decline is another kind of national subjugation

烦恼不译吗,喂! 非愁乎?何不为愁耶?“此非愁耶?”

原文:“吴汉字子颜,南阳宛人也。家贫,给事县为亭长。王莽末,以宾客犯法,乃亡命至渔阳。资用乏,以贩马自业。往来燕蓟间,所至皆交结豪杰。” 翻译:吴汉字子颜,南阳宛(今河南南阳)人。少时家贫,在县中任亭长。王莽末年,因为手下宾客犯法...

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