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FEEl luCky to 用法

feel lucky to do sth 不是什么句式. 还没有成为句子. 只是 感官动词+形容词+动词不定式 的结构. 开心快乐每一天!


I feel so lucky to stand for all my classmates speaking here. He is a famous singer. 感谢采纳

t manage to flee the city ,their bodies nearly completely broke down and diappearedIt is difficult to imagine how this peaceful volcano destroyed the whole cityI feel lucky to have to have a chance to go on this tripThe city was jmnhset upin the 8th

be / feel lucky to doto have met 是不定式的完成时态,如果不懂的话 得多修修高中非谓语动词部分.to have met是不定式,并非谓语动词


1. I feel lucky to have such a good friend. feel是连系动词,后应该接形容词作表语. 2. The party is wonderful. I have never been to the most exciting one before.最高级前加the. 3. If there were no examinations,we would have a much happier time at

我感觉很幸运已经得到了这次去旅行的资格 .win a place有了资格

我觉得很幸运曾经遇到你 have 加过去分词、表示完成过的状态 应该是have met吧

I feel lucky to have met you you are a great friend这两句英语的意思.朋友们帮帮阿.谢谢了 遇到你我很幸运,我很乐意与你交好朋友 遇到

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