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talent show才艺表演;才艺展示;天才表演例句1.The celebrity talent show is extremely well performed.名人才艺表演好极了.2.The demands of the event: Chinese self introduction, talent show, answer the judges questions.比赛的要求有:汉语自

a trunk show is a special event within the fashion world in which an artist or designer puts on a special display of his or her work for review by a select group. they are referred to as "trunk shows" because a designer or sales rep will literally show up



send 是寄或者是发送的意思 sent(过去式)show 是表现,表演的意思 showed(过去式)两个有很大不同例句:I will send you a mail tonight.I sent you the letter already!The show for the end of year celebration is on tonight at the event centre.Show me the way to the toilet please

Frmdatamanage是个窗体 Frmdatamanage.Show就是显示这个窗体温表

event viewer(事件查看器)windows event viewer 记录了应用程序、安全性和系统事件的所有信息.这是已发生的(或继续发生的)事件的巨大信息来源,它应该是用于诊断和监控系统的主要工具之一.可以使用event viewer 完成大量事情.例

听我热爱我 请给好评谢谢

实现了对连续感应热处理工艺的优化分析,而且找到了一种对连续感应热处理设备结构设计和工艺参数配置优化的方法induction heat 感应热The results show that the computer simulation by finite element method could be applied to the optimal design of process parameters in continuous induction heat treatment. 通过模拟计算

heat up v.加热

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