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i likE working in pAirs AnD in groups

i like working in pairs and in groups 我喜欢成对或成群干活。

How did you like yesterday\'s party?五.建议 (...Will you get together in groups and discuss the...Let\'s work in pairs.Will you face the people...

I like hamburgers. Do you like hamburgers? Yes,...2. Practise the dialogue in pairs.教后一得:教...Practise in groups: I like …, I don’t like...

1. Work in pairs. Discuss the four countries and rank them in order of suitability as a location.2. Work in small groups. Discuss the advantages and...

Girls play in small groups or in pairs.the center of a girl's life is her best friend 女孩一群或者一对一起玩,她的生活中心就是她的挚友。

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