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in recognition of: 公认 因 例句 The UN has been the recipient of eight Nobel Peace Prizes in recognition of its work. 联合国曾八次获得诺贝尔和平奖,其工作受到表彰 Deified mortals are revered in recognition of their feats. 有些...

In 1996 是状语UNESCO是主语 named是谓语 it 是宾语a World Heritage site是宾补 ,后面是介词短语作目的状语 in recognition of 是短语介词its “unique array of reef types” 是介词宾语and diversity of marine species是its修饰的并列的名词...

in recognition of satisfactorily compl...的中文翻译 in recognition of satisfactorily completing the course entitled 在圆满完成课程的资格认可

ABC UniversityTo All persons to whom this writing may come:Be it known that, In recognition of the successful completion of the requisite course...

This certificate is issued in recognition of your five years of dedicated service to (···). Thank you for your invaluable contribution!

pattern recognition decision in process 过程模式识别决策

释义:a thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or race or in recognition of another outstanding achievement.例子:the nation's most ...

in recognition of 是个短语,意思是 承认…而,为酬答…而,按照(功劳等)…; I received this medal in recognition of my sports skills. 我接受这个奖牌,以示对我运动技能的承认。

eu bail-in legislation schedule 欧盟的立法时间表 eu bail-in legislation schedule 欧盟的立法时间表

PACIFIC WESTERN UNIVERSITY In recognition of successful completion of the requisite course of study and upon certified nomination of faculty. the ...

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