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My school is very beautiful. It is Nanhai Experimental School. There are three tall buildings in our school. They all have five floors. In the teaching building, the is on the first floor. Th

我的学校,你好,我是李飞,我是一名学生,我来自第二小学,我的学校是特别好的,老师好,同学好,一切都好,但是只有一点不好规矩多,但是有一句话叫做没有规矩南城方圆,所以我们要按规则办,学校很美丽,这是我的学校 My school,

My schoolMy school's name is XXXX. It is quite beautiful.When you go in to my school, there is a fountain pool facing to you. Keep walking and you will see our playground. Every year for school sports games, student running and jumping here. There

My schoolis very big and beautiful. When you come to our school, you can see the modern teaching building.and its color is red. Our teachers work and do practice in it. Behind the building, there are two classroom buildings and a school library. In

My school is located at (路名).It is a double storey building,there are twenty classrooms.It's a very big and clean school.We also have a basketball court,a hall,a canteen and a large garden.There are alot of beautiful flowers in the garden.I love my

My school is very big. There are more than one thousand students and one hundred teachers in our school. There are more than thirty classrooms, two gyms, a mordern library, four labs and five special classrooms. There is a big playground where

My school is very beautiful. It is in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you know it? It is Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often

My School I study in the No. I middle school, where there are three grades and thirty-two classes. It is not big but very beautiful. In the center of the school there is a new teaching building, which is very clean and beautiful. The lab building and the

我假设五年级英语比较中文话,逻辑和语法不是很成熟.据此,写50字给你. my school my school is a very very beautiful place .There are a very big playground.In our sport class,My classmates and I always like to play on the playground.We can play

My schoolMy school is small but beautiful.There are lots of nice teachers and lovely schoolmates. Everyday,I play and study with my good friends.We can smell sweet flowers and touch green grass.What`s more,we learned a lot of knowledge.In a word,I love my school.

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