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my school life hi!i'm zhou jinru,a student of class 4,grade school ,my teachers are very friendly to school life is very interesting.i like it very much. classes begin at 8:00a.m, i have four classes in the morning. in the afternoon, i have four

My school is very beautiful. It is No.1 ANDONG Middle School. There are three tall buildings in our school. They all have five floors. In the teaching building, the is on the first floor. The library is on the second floor. The science rooms are on

My School This is my school, it is so big and beautiful. School classroom very capacious, also extremely clean, our teacher is very friendly to us. Our school is in stationery shop opposite. Our school learning environment is very good.We study at school very happy! I love my school!

I get up at six in the morning.Then I wash my face and brush my teeth.After a quick breakfast,I go to school in my mother's car.It takes us more than half an hour to get there.We

I get up at 6:00,then have breakfast at 7:00,I go to school at 7:20.At 12:10 ,I have lunch.And I play sports at 15:45.At 17:00,I go home.Then I watch TV .I watch TV once a day.I eat dinner at 19:00.Aften dinner,I do my homework.At 21:00,I go to bad.

故乡的河是一幅美丽的画,时时印在我的脑海中;也是一首美好的诗,时时缭绕在我的心间;又是一支美妙的歌,时时回荡在我的耳边. 小时候,我住在奶奶家里,离奶奶家不远的地方,有一条清澈见底的小河,我和小伙伴常到那里去玩.有时,

everyday i get up and do morning exercises at six . i have breakfast at 7:30. i have classes between 8 to 11:30. i have two classes in the afternoon. after school, i do sports. i go to bed at 10.

my school life i am going to shool from monday to friday,and every day in school i am very the morning,i have four lessons,and in the afternoon i have three lessons.of course i take two hours to go home for lunch.and we begin classes at 2:30,

My School My school is very beautiful. It is in XXX. Do you know it? It is xxx Primary School. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often play sports on it , too. Our teaching

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